Music Theory I Course Syllabus

Mr. Trumpy Theory I Instructor Bernards High School
Period. 6
Required Materials to Bring to Class Everyday:
‘Practical Theory’ – Alfred Publishing, by Sandy Feldstein Music Exercises
Blank Manuscript Music Paper (or book)
Supplemental Music Resources (Bring a Folder or Three Ring Binder)
Required Texts& Workbooks Will Be Provided

Tests 80%
Time on Task 20%

Diagnostic test, Piano Basics, Lesson 1, Transcription
Test 2
Treble & Bass Clefs
Test 3
Rhythms, Staff & Ledger Lines
Test 4
Ear Training & Dictation
Test 5
Syncopation & Bar Lines with 8th Notes
Test 6
Scales & Key Signatures
Test 7
Test 8
Circle of 5th& Key Signatures
Test 9
Test 10 (Theory 2 Start)
Diatonic & Chromatic Intervals
Test 11
Composer Presentation
Test 12
Figured Bass & Inversions
Test 13
Test 14(Theory 1 End)
Minor Scales (Natural/Aeolian, Dorian, Melodic, Harmonic)

Composition: Product/Commercial/Movie Cues