For this short project, you'll create a somewhat personal arrangement of a short 12-bar blues tune. Here's what you need to do:

Download this MIDI File: E Sequence Blues (try Control-clicking on the link; choose "Save Link As")

Here's a lead sheet if interested:

E Sequence Blues.pdf
E Sequence Blues.pdf
E Sequence Blues.pdf

Create a GarageBand File in the KEY of E MAJOR, TEMPO of 108 BPM. Save the file to your desktop (or where instructed).

Drag-and-drop the MIDI file into the project's blank Track Window.

Listen to the file. Decide what instrument sounds you'd like to use and make the changes to each track.

Adjust the mix level between all tracks.

Add drum loops that create the groove you'd like for this arrangement. Adjust drum track(s) mix levels.

IF TIME: Ask your instructor for other ideas (and DAW features you might use) to improve your arrangement.

Export as an MP3 and turn in to your instructor (i.e. post to the wiki, upload to a Google Drive or Drop Box folder, etc.).